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Automatic VS Manual Transmission

Published on 14th Apr 2022
By Nia Anderson
Automatic VS Manual Transmission

Which transmission type is best for you?

The two main types of vehicle transmission are automatic and manual transmission. Many people are confident in knowing which type of vehicle they are most comfortable driving, yet some of you may have thoughts of changing over to a different transmission type. A great way of deciding which transmission is best for you would be to start by weighing up the pros and cons.


Automatic Transmission


  • Easier to drive: The absence of clutch control / constant manouvering of the gear stick enables an easier driving experience. 
  • Smoother to drive: Automatic gearboxes give you a smooth drive, preventing stuttering and stalling of your vehicle. 
  • Better in traffic: The absence of the clutch pedal / changing of the gearstick allows you to concentrate on other traffic and junctions safely. 
  • Better acceleration: Automatics change gears faster than humans can with manual vehicles, which propels the car quicker than a manual.


  • Higher purchase / maintenance cost
  • Less control: Automatics cannot gear down to slow a vehicle, which is a disadvantage if you live in hilly areas as it causes wearing of the brakes. 

Manual Transmission


  • More control: Manual manouvering of the gears gives drivers an advantage in bad weather conditions and / or in hilly areas.
  • More speed: A manual gearbox is traditionally greater at transferring power from your engine to your wheels, allowing you to accelerate faster. 
  • Cheaper to maintain


  • Not as safe: With manual vehicles, you are required to take one hand off the wheel to change gears, decreasing your level of safety.
  • Leg ache: Those with leg problems may find a manual vehicle quite disadvantageous to them, as constant leg work on the clutch can cause aches and / or further strains to existing leg issues.
  • Needs more focus when driving: Those who have trouble multitasking may find the manouvering of the gearstick along with working the clutch pedal quite difficult. This potentially makes manual transmission more dangerous. 


After asking a number of people aged 17 - 65+ which transmission type they preferred and what the reason for their answer was, these were the results:

Manual - 'It's what I learnt in so I'm more confident driving manual vehicles'

Manual - 'I feel as though I have more control of the vehicle' 

Manual - 'I'm used to driving manuals, they're a lot easier to accelerate in'

Automatic - 'Easier to drive, cuts down on hand movements' 

Automatic - 'Easier in all traffic conditions' 

Automatic - 'Smoother drive'

Automatic - 'I'm quite lazy and it does it for me ... especially off road and in city traffic' 


Additionally, test driving different vehicles is a highly effective way of deciding which vehicle is the right one for you. What better way to know what transmission type your prefer than going for a test drive first.


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