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Choosing The Right Van For Your Business

Published on 6th Jul 2021
By Hannah
Choosing The Right Van For Your Business

Picking the right vans for your business is vital.

Whether you're a part-time sole trader, or you're a business running a sizeable fleet of vans, you'll need a van that:

  • Has enough space for any tools, goods or equipment
  • Is reliable and economical
  • Is comfortable for you to drive and can be easily parked in your work locations 

Once these three factors have been met, your choice of van comes down to the specific requirements of your business.

I this post we cover some of the main trades and consider which vans are a good fit.


Best Vans for Electricians?

The first thing to consider is size.

The size of van you'll need will depend on the type of jobs you undertake. If the majority of your work and time is spent carrying out small residential jobs such as installing lights and sockets, a small panel van may suffice. 

For more complex work such as complete rewiring and industrial work - or any projects that require you transport large, heavy equipment - you'll need to upsize to a medium or large van.  

Vans to consider:

Ford Transit Connect

Citroen Berlingo

Peugeot Partner

Ford Transit Custom

VW Transporter


Best Vans for Plumbers?

If you're a plumber, you may have a few key requirements for your work van.

Many plumbers will require a three metre load length to store pipes and so a medium sized van is often a necessity. 

Easy driveway parking is also important if you're going to be working at residential properties. 

Here are some strong options:

Ford Transit

Mercedes Sprinter

VW Transporter

Citroen Relay

Peugeot Boxer


Best Vans for Carpenters?

Depending on the type or work undertaken, carpenters often have more tools and materials to carry than many other trades. The tools, equipment and materials of varying lengths may necessitate choosing a medium to large sized van.

For ease of storage and movement, it may even make sense to consider a high roof van. 

Here are some vans that will fit the bill:

VW Transporter

Citroen Relay

Peugeot Boxer

Mercedes Sprinter

Ford Transit


Best Vans for Couriers?

Due to increased online shopping, couriers and delivery companies have a rather busy and productive 2020.

A courier service stands or falls on its punctuality and reliability. And so a brand / model that offers strong performance, comfort and reliability is essential. 

Small, medium and large vans can all be practical choices depending on the goods being transported and business model.

Here are some options:

Ford Transit Connect

Citroen Relay

Mercedes Sprinter

VW Crafter


Best Vans for Builders?

A typical builder / construction company needs a van to have a combination of good payload, durability and reliability. 

And perhaps more so than other trades, a van can make or break a customer's impression of the business. There's simply nothing worse for your image than turning up at a nice property in a battered, rusty old van. 

And so, if you're ready to upgrade your company image, here's some vans that will tick all the boxes:

Peugeot Boxer

Renault Master

Citroen Relay

Ford Transit


Do You Need a Crew / Kombi Van?

Crew cab vans offer additional flexibility to businesses that need to transport goods / materials and staff. A typical crew / kombi van will come with side windows and an additional row of seats.

Some crew cab vans will come with the option of removable rear seats, meaning you're able to utilise the full load space if you're not ferrying staff around. 

Is a crew cab van a good fit for your business?

Here are just a few great options we have for you:

Transit Connect Crew Van

Citroen Relay Crew Van

Nissan NV300 Crew Van


Ready to choose your next van?

It's not always easy to select the right van for your business. We hope the above points have helped narrow down your choice. 

If you're ready to explore finance options, or you'd simply like some friendly advice, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today.

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